“Come paddle the Tar River with us. Our modern, state-of-the-art paddleboards and kayaks, plus the quiet beauty of the Tar River’s wildlife and scenery will provide moments to remember”….Kelsey Curtis, owner Knee Deep Adventures, Greenville, NC.
Call 252-714-5836 or email kneedeepoutdooradventures@gmail.com

image shows Kelsey Curtis of Knee Deep Adventures in Greenville NC with kayaks and company truck

New to kayaking or seasoned veteran, we’re sure you will enjoy your time with us on the water!

You can rent your kayak or paddleboard in 4 or 8 hour rentals. Knee Deep Adventures will help you select your kayak or paddleboard, life jacket, and gear for your day on the water.  Please remember all reservations are subject to availability. So, the sooner the better!

Start your reservation online: Individual or small group reservations | Group reservations or call us at Call 252-714-5836. Email kneedeepoutdooradventures@gmail.com.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page can provide you answers to often-asked questions new kayakers have before their first outing.

image shows kayakers on Tar River in Greenville NC

Individual or Small Group Rentals

Reservations are available for individuals with a few guests. Groups of 5 or more require a group reservation. You can request a reservation online.

image shows kayakers on Tar River in Greenville NC

Group Reservations

Consult with your Knee Deep Adventure’s representative to plan your group outing. We can help you select your date, time and rental length as well as reserve the right life jackets and gear. You can send us a reservation request online or call.

image shows kayakers on Tar River in Greenville NC

Paddleboard Rentals

We have paddleboards for rental, as well as any gear you need. New to paddleboarding? Ask about our lessons. You can start your reservation online or call us. Yes, we even have Paddleboard Yoga!

Stop by our Knee Deep Adventures store located at 2800 E. 10th St. in Greenville, NC

images show Knee Deep Adventures store for kayak supplies in Greenville NC

Knee Deep Adventures, 2800 E. 10th St. Suite 111 Greenville NC 27858

We carry a full line of kayak, paddleboard and outdoor equipment including paddles, clip-on pouches, travel pillows, life jackets, first aid kits, survival packs, hammocks, kayak anchor kits and RV-Tents.

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